Run over a period of 3 months, Gay Essentials is a weekly space where gay/bi/trans/questioning men can experiment with connecting in more open and authentic ways with others. Facilitated by Gian Montagna and Nick Field, 2 gay psychosynthesis psychotherapists, Gay Essentials is an opportunity to go through your own rite-of-passage into gay adulthood whilst also sharing this journey with others, in a safe, contained and holding environment.

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Expect to meet a group of interesting men in a relaxed, safe setting. Most of the time at the gatherings will be allocated to a freestyle group discussion, which is a sharing based on personal experiences.

Although this is not officially group therapy, it will include therapeutic psychosynthesis techniques and exercises suggested by Gian and Nick to facilitate the group’s development and bring participants into a new, unique relationship with themselves, their sexuality and their perception of ‘self’.

Each week we will be exploring a topic that relates generally to men around the themes of initiation/self discovery/sex/ sexuality/ physicality/ intimacy/spirituality/self realisation. But this will also open up to a free discussion within the group. The hope is that through personal sharing, therapeutic guidance and group therapy techniques, we can deepen self insight, and learn from each other’s similarities and differences.


The Ongoing Group

We will run the 12 week group 3 times a year. Some men may only want to take part for the 12 weeks, others may want to remain in the group. For those who wish to continue they can return for the next 12 week group and new members can then join to take the places of those who leave.


The cost for the 12 weeks will be £360 (this equates to £30 per session). Payment can be split over the first 2 months.